About Aaberg Architects

History is our passion

About Jens Aaberg

Aaberg Architects was founded in 2014 by Jens Aaberg, Architect MAA, Construction Economist MDB and member of the Danish Conservation Committee of The National Association for Building and Landscape Culture.

Jens Aaberg has more than 20 years of experience in architectural consulting and has a broad, professional knowledge within all phases of construction projects.
However, throughout his career, Jens has felt a particular passion for the restoration of historical buildings and has a wide experience as a consultant for some of the most important listed buildings in Denmark, including The Royal Residence in Copenhagen.

Jens Aaberg has worked within a Royal Danish Building Inspectorate and has a great deal of knowledge of the process and method in connection with listed buildings.
When working on the restoration of historical buildings, Aaberg Architects place great importance on defining the buildings’ conservation values from the beginning and maintaining these values throughout the process. In connection with change of functions or energy renovations, new assets are gently and pragmatically added to the old buildings.

We have an ambitious and committed approach to every assignment and place great emphasis on achieving a solution that creates value and quality, both architecturally, functionally and in terms of time and price. This is done in close dialogue with the client, consultant, contractors and public authorities.