Øster Søgade

Restoration of cast iron railings

Øster Søgade

This property is located right next to Sortedam’s Lake in an incredibly beautiful and respectable location in central Copenhagen and was designed by architect Alfred Råvad and built in 1884.

It is characterized by its many French balconies, which were not common in Denmark at that time, and by its very beautiful and special decorations over the windows, something completely new in Europe at the time, as they were cast in concrete. Balcony railings and sills, both of cast iron, the beautiful window sections, and the subtle and humorous concrete decorations above the windows – everything was very neglected and had to be restored.

The cast iron sills and railings have since been carefully taken down, cleaned of rust and old paint, repaired, and then metallized in the original, beautiful, dark green colour.

Windows and doors have been cleaned, rotten parts loosened, and are now painted with linseed oil paint in the same, green colour as the railing and the sill.

The artful concrete decorations above the windows have been cleaned and given a sealing, light beige paint to prevent further decomposing. Ribbons and square patterns on the facades have been given the same colour, so they now appear beautiful and sharp against the red masonry.

The property has had its facade lovingly but thoroughly renovated and can once again shine in its distinguished location by The Lakes in Copenhagen.

Thorough renovation of the front facade of this beautiful, stately 1880s Copenhagen property.

Owners’ Association of Øster Søgade 32.


Parties to the construction contract:
Painters Hvidtfeldt & Hansen
Aaberg Architects