Filip’s Church

Reinforcement of buttresses

Filip’s Church

Since the building of medieval churches and other large structures, buttresses have been used on the outside of high walls. They are there to prevent the walls from moving and cracking.
The present-day Philip’s Church was designed by Architect Rasmus Rue and was completed in 1924. The buttresses have proved not to sufficiently support the outer walls. Therefore, the buttresses had to be reinforced with a total of 20,000 bricks.
Architecturally, great emphasis was placed on converting the engineer’s requirements for stability into a well-proportioned construction – with the finish at the top of the eaves and materials being exactly the same as was used in the original building of the church.

Reinforcement of buttresses at Filip’s Church, Copenhagen

Parochial Church Council of Filip’s Church


Parties to the construction contract:
Claus Quistgaard Murermester
EKJ Rådg. Ing.firma
Aaberg Architects