Østre Landsret

The High Court of Eastern Denmark

Østre Landsret

As part of a general energy optimization of State buildings, the listed courthouses Copenhagen Courthouse, Eastern High Court and the Court in Frederiksberg were to be reviewed and optimized where it was economically profitable and acceptable in relation to the buildings’ preservation values.

The buildings were analyzed, and certain building parts were designated to be thermally insulated. Technical facilities were streamlined or replaced – all without interfering with the day-to-day operation of the courthouses and above all without compromising the preservation value of the buildings, i.e. interior, original building parts and the beautiful proportions and patterned masonry of the facades.

The High Court of Eastern Denmark and other, listed courthouses in Copenhagen were carefully energy-optimized

The Palaces and Properties Agency
(now the Danish Agency for Castles and Cultural Properties)


Parties to the construction contract:
The Palaces and Properties Agency
Erik Møller Arkitekter
Moe Rådgivende Ingeniører